Movie News: Seth MacFarlane Making a Western; 'Terminator' Reboot Is a Go; New Images of Naomi Watts as Princess Di

Movie News: Seth MacFarlane Making a Western; 'Terminator' Reboot Is a Go; New Images of Naomi Watts as Princess Di

Dec 04, 2012


Diana: In a newly released image from the upcoming film Diana, Naomi Watts looks every inch a princess. The actress has taken on the challenge of portraying the beloved Princess Diana for director Oliver Hirschbiegel in a movie that will focus on the final two years of her life, revolving around her charitable work and a secret relationship with a special someone, played by Naveen Andrews (Lost). [Kino Gallery via The Film Stage]


Seth MacFarlane: It’s fair to say that Seth MacFarlane surprised everyone last summer by delivering a raucous yet sweet comedy with Ted, which has gone on to become a huge box office hit worldwide. For his next film project, MacFarlane wants to star in and direct a Western in the spirit of Mel Brooks’ side-splitting Blazing Saddles. He and his Ted cowriters have completed a script titled A Million Ways to Die in the West, and hope to complete deals in time to shoot it in the summer of 2013. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Terminator: The fourth installment in the series, Terminator Salvation, underperformed at the box office, and now the franchise rights are finally and fully in the hands of financier/producer Megan Ellison, who will be joining with her brother David Ellison to reboot (and/or complete) the series. At least two movies are planned; the search is underway for a new screenwriter. [Deadline]

Jack Reacher: Those who have read any of author Lee Child's excellent novels on former military policeman Jack Reacher have wondered how the, er, height-challenged Tom Cruise would carry off the role of a mountain of a man who, in the books, is described as six foot five inches tall, weighing in at 250 pounds with a 50-inch chest. Who better than Lee Child then, to give his reaction? [Paramount Pictures]

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