Movie News: See 'SPECTRE' Bond Women in New Photos; Disney's Animated 'The Sword in the Stone' Going Live-Action

Movie News: See 'SPECTRE' Bond Women in New Photos; Disney's Animated 'The Sword in the Stone' Going Live-Action

Jul 21, 2015

Spectre - Lea Seydoux

SPECTRE: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in SPECTRE, heading to theaters on November 6, and as new photos reveal, he'll be surrounded by four strong women: Lea Seydoux (above), as a doctor who is also the daughter of an assassin; Monica Belucci, as a Mafia widow; Naomie Harris, who returns as Eve Moneypenny; and Stephanie Sigman, whose character is still being kept under wraps. [USA Today]

Movie News: See 'SPECTRE' Bond Women in New Photos; Watch Jason Bateman Eat Uncomfortably in New 'The Gift' Clip

Spectre - Monica Bellucci

Spectre - Naomie Harris

Spectre - Stephanie Sigman


Jon Watts

Untitled Urban Explorers: Jon Watts, who will direct the next version of Spider-Man -- said to be in the vein of a John Hughes-style high school flick -- has set his followup project. Currently known only as Untitled Urban Explorers, the film is described as a "young-adult adventure set under NYC's Lower East Side." Watts will write the screenplay with Christopher Ford; the two previously teamed on Cop Car with Kevin Bacon, which is due for release on August 7. [Deadline]


The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone: Continuing to mine its rich archive of animated films, Disney is planning a live-action version of 1963's The Sword in the Stone. The original revolved around the legendary King Arthur and the magical Merlin; the new version will be written by Bryan Cogman, who is quite familiar with the fantasy genre through his work as writer and producer on HBO's Game of Thrones. We assume the Disney version will be family-friendly, however. [Heat Vision]


The Gift

The Gift Clip: Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall sit down for a quiet reunion dinner with high school classmate Joel Edgerton in a new clip from The Gift. But something is not quite right about the conversation, and Bateman becomes increasingly uncomfortable as it progresses. The thriller will, we are sure, reveal all when it opens in theaters on August 7. [Movies Coming Soon]

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