Movie News: Robert Downey Jr. Gets Oscar-Winning Dad; New International Trailers for 'Lone Ranger' and 'Penthouse North'

Movie News: Robert Downey Jr. Gets Oscar-Winning Dad; New International Trailers for 'Lone Ranger' and 'Penthouse North'

Mar 14, 2013

Robert Duvall / Robert Downey Jr.

The Judge: Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in The Judge, a comedy-drama about a big-city lawyer who comes home to help his estranged father, a judge, who’s been accused of muder. And now it looks like Academy Award-winner Robert Duvall will play Downey’s dad. Duvall is in final negotations to costar; the project looks likely to be Downey’s next, ahead of the third installment of the rebooted Sherlock Holmes series. [Variety]

Marvel Universe Live: Speaking of Downey, he won’t be appearing as Iron Man in a new stage show planned by Marvel. The show, titled Marvel Universe Live, will feature “state-of-the-art special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial displays, martial arts and countless other show elements.” As a live tour not bound by film-rights limitations, the show could theoretically unite the Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four. It’s set to hit arenas starting in July 2014, with plans for an 85-city tour in North America before heading overseas to conquer the world. [Deadline]

The Lone Ranger Trailer: A new Japanese-language trailer has been released for The Lone Ranger, featuring our first look at Helena Bonham-Carter’s deadly leg, and a kinda fabulous “greatest CGI flying bodies and explosions” approach to the action. Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star; the movie is due out in the U.S. on July 3. []

Penthouse North Trailer: Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan star in the thriller Penthouse North as a corrupt cop and a blind woman, respectively. A new NSFW English-langauge trailer (with Thai subtitles) sets up the scenario, as Monaghan’s boyfriend is murdered in their penthouse and she is then threatened by the murderer and by Keaton, all because of a cache of diamonds. No U.S. release date has been set yet. [The Playlist]

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