Movie News: Reese Witherspoon Will Star as Disney's Tinker Bell; 'World War Z' Sequel Gets Release Date

Movie News: Reese Witherspoon Will Star as Disney's Tinker Bell; 'World War Z' Sequel Gets Release Date

May 22, 2015

Hot Pursuit

Tinker: Reese Witherspoon will star in and produce Disney's Tinker, a live-action movie that will focus on Tinker Bell, aka Peter Pan's faithful fairy cohort. The project is still in development, with Victoria Spouse (Finding Dory, Pixar's sequel to Finding Nemo) working on a screenplay. Reportedly, it will focus on "the story you don't know," presenting a "new perspective" on the character, a la Maleficent. [Heat Vision]


World War Z

World War Z Sequel: A sequel to World War Z has been scheduled for release on June 9, 2017, opposite the sequel to Fantastic Four. World War Z proved to be a big hit, earning more than $540 million worldwide in 2013; Juan Antonio Bayona (moody horror flick The Orphanage, tsunami drama The Impossible) is still on board to direct the sequel, with Brad Pitt expected to reprise his starring role. [Deadline]


Zombies vs. Robots

Inherit the Earth. Craig Borten, who co-wrote acclaimed indie drama Dallas Buyers Club, has been hired to rewrite the screenplay for science-fiction action movie Inherit the Earth. It's based on Zombies vs. Robots (above), a comic book series about robots "who must clone a lone surviving human baby and protect it from intelligent zombies." Andrew Adamson (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) is set to direct. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The Gallows

The Gallows Trailer: A new trailer for The Gallows establishes a very freaky atmosphere. The found-footage horror movie picks up 20 years after a high school tragedy, as students try to honor the event by recreating a fateful stage production, to their everlasting sorrow. The movie will open in theaters on July 10. [MovieClips]

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