Movie News: New 'Star Trek' Pics; 'World War Z' Poster and Trailer; First 'Riddick' Teaser

Movie News: New 'Star Trek' Pics; 'World War Z' Poster and Trailer; First 'Riddick' Teaser

Mar 25, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness: Although Zoe Saldana did not figure prominently in the latest teaser for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, new images suggest that her role as Lt. Uhura will indeed be action-packed, as well as integral to the plot, in which a villain threatens the world. The movie is set to invade theaters on May 17. [Empire]

Star Trek Into Darkness

World War Z: Fans of Brad Pitt, as well as fans of Max Brooks’ original novel, are not the target audience, presumably, for the newest poster for World War Z, which stacks up a mountain of zombies to attack a helicopter for reasons that are not immediately apparent. (Strange that neither Pitt nor any connection to the novel can be found in the image.) After a long delay while, reportedly, the third act was “fixed,” the apocalyptic horror thriller will finally be unleashed in theaters on June 21. A new trailer has also been released to go along with this poster, and you can see both below. [Slash Film]

World War Z

Death Wish: Death Wish, based on Brian Garfield’s novel, starred Charles Bronson as a mild-mannered NYC architect who became a murderous vigilante after his wife was savagely killed; it spawned four sequels over 20 years. Joe Carnahan (The Grey) was attached to direct a new version, but he left the project recently over difficulties in finding a leading man. Now indie filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo (Miss Bala) is in negotiations to replace Carnahan, though he faces the same challenge as Carnahan in casting the starring role for a movie that is sure to be controversial. [Variety]

Riddick Teaser: As Vin Diesel prepares to hit the big screen again in Fast & Furious 6, the first, alien creature-filled teaser trailer for his other big 2013 movie has been released. Riddick stars Diesel as the titular character, now an escaped convict sought by every bounty hunter in the universe. Karl Urban also stars; the movie is set for release on September 6. [Hey U Guys UK]

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