Movie News: New 'Foxcatcher' Photos Look Intense; Patrick Stewart to Play White Supremacist in 'Green Room'

Movie News: New 'Foxcatcher' Photos Look Intense; Patrick Stewart to Play White Supremacist in 'Green Room'

Oct 22, 2014


Foxcatcher: New photos from the upcoming drama Foxcatcher reveal Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo in poses that are anything but glamorous. Based on a true story, Carell plays the isolated and wealthy John du Pont, who becomes a mentor to champion wrestlers, first to an intense loner (Tatum) and then to his older brother (Ruffalo), a family man. Touted for awards consideration, the movie opens in theaters on November 14. [USA Today]



X-Men: Days of Future Past

Green Room: Patrick Stewart, who has become well-known as the gentle yet powerful Professor X in the X-Men movies, is set to costar as a white-supermacist leader in crime thriller Green Room. Jeremy Saulnier, responsible for this year's crackling revenge flick Blue Ruin, wrote the script and is directing. Stewart joins Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and Alia Shawkat in the movie, which follows a young punk rock band forced to fight for their lives against a murderous gang of skinheads. [The Wrap]


John Carter

John Carter: Despite earning more than $280 million at the worldwide box office in 2012, the fantasy adventure John Carter was viewed as a financial disappointment, in part because of its $250 million budget, and made Disney wary of additional installments. Now the estate of writer Edgar Rice Burroughs has reclaimed the rights and is seeking another studio partner to make more movies based on the 11 novels written by Burroughs about the character. [Empire]


2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer: A new trailer for Stanley Kubrick's science fiction adventure 2001: A Space Odyssey looks as spectacular as anything we've seen lately. The classic is getting a theatrical rerelease in the U.K. in November, soon after Christopher Nolan's new science fiction adventure Interstellar opens there; look for a quote from Nolan in the trailer. [MovieClips]




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