Movie News: Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon Team for 'Penguin Bloom'; Watch '20th Century Women' Video

Movie News: Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon Team for 'Penguin Bloom'; Watch '20th Century Women' Video

Dec 09, 2016

Shut In / Hot Pursuit

Penguin Bloom: Naomi Watts (Shut In, above left) and Reese Witherspoon (Hot Pursuit, above right) will team up to adapt popular Australian book Penguin Bloom for the big screen. Bradley Trevor Greive's book, featuring photographs by Cameron Bloom, explores what happened to Bloom after she was paralyzed in an accident. Married with three children, Bloom struggled to adapt to her new circumstances until her spirits were boosted by a little bird that the family named Penguin. Watts, Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea will produce the project. [Deadline]


Paul Haggis

Lead and Copper: Paul Haggis (above) will produce Lead and Copper, a documentary about the water contamination that has afflicted the community of Flint, Michigan. The ongoing water crisis began in 2014 and has plagued residents ever since, exposing thousands of children to the dangers of lead contamination. William Hart is directing the movie, which is aiming to screen at film festivals next year. [Deadline]


The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

The Aereonauts: In 1862, a balloon pilot and a scientist set off on an extraordinary adventure that sent them higher in an open balloon than anyone before or since. Recently, Jack Thorne, author of the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, wrote an original screenplay inspired by that true story, titled The Aereonauts, which has turned into a highly-coveted property. Competing against at least six other companies, Amazon Studios is close to securing a deal to make the movie. Tom Harper (The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, above) is attached to direct. [Deadline]


20th Century Women

20th Century Women Featurette: In a new video for 20th Century Women, Mike Mills says that he was inspired to write and direct the movie based on his own life experiences in the 1970s. Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig, Lucas Jade Zumann and Billy Crudup star; the movie will open in theaters on December 25. [Movieclips]

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