Movie News: Miles Teller's 'Star Wars' Confession; Watch First Thrilling 'Hush' Trailer

Movie News: Miles Teller's 'Star Wars' Confession; Watch First Thrilling 'Hush' Trailer

Mar 21, 2016

Miles Teller

Young Han Solo: Miles Teller has confirmed that he auditioned to play the lead role in the forthcoming young Han Solo spin-off movie, to be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Surprisingly, he admitted: "I had never even seen any of the original Star Wars movies until maybe a month or a couple weeks before my first audition because I was like, ‘I should check this out’ (laughs). It holds up. I just love Harrison Ford, I think that’s a great character." [Happy Sad Confused via Collider]


Dan Harmon

Bubbles: The real-life story of a chimpanzee named Bubbles, who gained fame as a companion to Michael Jackson, is heading to the big screen as a stop-motion animated feature. It's based on a script by Isaac Adamson; Dan Harmon (TV's Community, Anomalisa; above) will serve as one of the producers. [Deadline]


Assassin's creed

Assassin's Creed: Michael Fassbender is featured in a new photo from Assassin's Creed. He stars as a modern-day character named Callum Lynch who relives his genetic memories as a 15th century assassin. Marion Cotillard, Michael K. Williams, Brendon Gleeson and Jeremy Irons also star. The movie is set for release on December 21. [Coming Soon]



Hush Trailer: The first trailer for Hush sets up a terrifying premise, as a a deaf woman (Kate Siegel) must somehow defend herself against a killer who stalks her in her rural home. Siegel wrote the script with Mike Flanagan (Oculus) who directed. Look for it on Netflix on April 8. [Movieclips]

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