Movie News: Meryl Streep Joins Tommy Lee Jones in ''The Homesman;' Bateman and McCarthy in 'Identity Thief' Trailer

Movie News: Meryl Streep Joins Tommy Lee Jones in ''The Homesman;' Bateman and McCarthy in 'Identity Thief' Trailer

Sep 27, 2012

The Comedy

The Comedy: One of the more unique and divisive films to come out of Sudance this year, The Comedy stars Tim Heidecker as an aging Brooklyn hipster. A new poster (above) has been unveiled for the movie, which opens on November 9, and it reinforces Heidecker as the star without adding too much of visual interest to what’s alrady been reported. [Coming Soon]

Meryl Streep: A drama about the Old West is getting an infusion of star power. The Homesman, which will star and be directed by Tommy Lee Jones, will also feature Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank. The project is still in the preliminary stages, but that trio of stars should ensure that it gets favorable attention, assuming that Jones can deliver a good picture. The story “follows a pioneer, played by Jones, and a frontier woman as they escort three insane women across the American prairie.” [The Wrap]

Won’t Back Down: Protests have continued against Won’t Back Down, with the latest complaints issued at the New York premiere. Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal star in the movie, which suggests that parents should take the lead in fixing underperforming schools. Protestors are concerned that an anti-union message is being espoused. Won’t Back Down opens wide on Friday. [Los Angeles Times]

Identity Thief Trailer: Not-so-hapless victim Jason Bateman faces off against Melissa McCarthy as the titular Identity Thief in a new trailer for the movie, directed by Seth Gordon. The comedy looks very strong, although painful for Bateman as he attempts to reclaim his identity. [Yahoo! Movies]


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