Movie News: Mark Wahlberg Wants Martin Scorsese to Direct a 'Boardwalk Empire' Movie

Movie News: Mark Wahlberg Wants Martin Scorsese to Direct a 'Boardwalk Empire' Movie

Dec 31, 2014

Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire: Mark Wahlberg, who served as a producer on the HBO crime series Boardwalk Empire (starring Steve Buscemi, above), says: "My next goal now is to get the movie made and start talking to Martin Scorsese about directing it." Scorsese directed the pilot episode of the series, set largely in Atlantic City in the 1920s; it concluded its five-season run earlier this year. Wahlberg wants to structure the movie much like Entourage, the big-screen version of the HBO series on which he also served as a producer. [Ralphie Tonight via]



Rambo 5: Sylvester Stallone still has Rambo on his mind. Earlier this year he indicated that he had written a fifth installment in which John Rambo would battle a Mexican drug cartel, a scenario first mentioned in 2012. Most recently, he noted he was heading to Philadelphia to start work on Creed, the latest Rocky episode, and then wrote that he'd be making a gangster movie "after LAST BLOOD RAMBO." He also shared a photo -- gulp! -- of his knife-riddled writing desk. [JoBlo]

Sylvester Stallone's writing desk


Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3: Sam Raimi, who directed the original Spider-Man trilogy, concluding with Spider-Man 3 (starring Tobey Maguire, above) in 2007, now concedes that the final installment did not live up to its potential. "I messed up plenty with the third Spider-Man, so people hated me for years -- they still hate me for it," he acknowledged. "It's a movie that just didn't work very well, " Raimi noted, adding that he "didn't really believe in all the characters." [Nerdist/THR]



Predestination Clip: In a new clip from Predestination, Ethan Hawke appears as a bartender, presenting a startling idea to a manly looking customer (the barely recognizable Sarah Snook). The movie is a mind-bending, time-traveling thriller, filled with twists and turns that begin soon after this scene concludes; it arrives in select theaters on January 9. [Movies Coming Soon]




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