Movie News: Jennifer Lawrence Drops 'Rosie,' Considers Darren Aronofsky's Mystery Movie

Movie News: Jennifer Lawrence Drops 'Rosie,' Considers Darren Aronofsky's Mystery Movie

Oct 14, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence: Actress Jennifer Lawrence has dropped out of The Rosie Project, a romantic comedy/drama to be directed by Richard Linklater. Reportedly, the script by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber had been tailored for her. Lawrence is not remaining idle, however; she is now in talks to star in the next movie from director Darren Aronofsky (Noah), to be produced independently, with hopes to shoot in the spring of 2016. No story details have been revealed about that project. [THR]


The Great Debaters

Grey's Anatomy: Actor Denzel Washington, who has directed two feature films so far (Antwone Fisher and The Great Debaters), will next helm an episode of TV's Grey's Anatomy. Although it may seem like a random choice, Washington is a longtime friend of Debbie Allen, an executive producer and director of the medical series, and also starred in the 1980s medical TV show St. Elsewhere. [TV Line]



WarGames: Matthew Broderick starred in 1983's WarGames as a high school student who hacked into a game-playing military computer that could potentially start World War III. Now the movie will be adapted into an interactive video with new characters and a new storyline, allowing the viewer to decide how things turn out. At this point, the project is envisioned as an experiment rather than a money-making venture. [Variety]



Burnt Clip: In a new clip from Burnt, Bradley Cooper portrays a famed chef who puts a potential kitchen worker through the wringer in a curbside interview. The chef is seeking to restore his reputation by opening a hot new restaurant in London. The movie opens in theaters on October 30. [Movieclips]

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