Movie News: Get Your 'Superman' License Plate; Harrison Ford Chats About 'Blade Runner 2;' New '47 Ronin' Trailer

Movie News: Get Your 'Superman' License Plate; Harrison Ford Chats About 'Blade Runner 2;' New '47 Ronin' Trailer

Oct 09, 2013


Superman: Finally! You can now get a license plate with the Superman insignia on it! There's only one catch: you have to move to Ohio to get one. The new plate was unveiled at the house in Cleveland where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the character in the 1930s. It's only available for purchase for Ohio vehicles -- check out the familiar logo, too. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Blade Runner 2: Harrison Ford has confirmed that he's been "chatting" about the possibility of appearing in a sequel to Blade Runner, but would only do it if the script is right. He also confirmed his admiration for director Ridley Scott, and said he would be "happy to engage again with him… in the further telling of this story." Some 18 months ago, Scott said he didn't even know if Ford's character in the original film would be in the follow-up movie, so it sounds like good progress has been made on the project. [IGN]

Iron Man: Hong Kong Disneyland has been chosen as the first Disney theme park to host a ride based on a Marvel franchise. The Iron Man Experience is scheduled to open in late 2016. The simulator experience will "send guests flying alongside Iron Man himself, fighting off bad guys (aliens?) throughout the skies and streets of Hong Kong." Guests will also be able to have photo opportunities with the flying superhero. [Inside the Magic]

Iron Man Experience

47 Ronin Trailer: A new U.K. trailer for 47 Ronin concisely sets up the stakes: Keanu Reeves vs. a demonic spirit that can take on the form of a maniacally laughing woman, a ferocious dragon, and who knows what else. Swirling swordplay and nearly four dozen ronin are promised. The fantasy-action picture will open in U.S. theaters on Christmas Day. [YouTube]



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