Movie News: First 'Stretch' Images; Robert Downey Says No 'Iron Man 4' Coming

Movie News: First 'Stretch' Images; Robert Downey Says No 'Iron Man 4' Coming

Sep 08, 2014


Stretch: Director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) released the first images from Stretch, his upcoming action-comedy starring Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine and Jessica Alba. Carnahan is preparing a new version of the low-budget thriller and hopes to premiere it at a film festival before the end of the year. [Twitter via Collider]



Iron Man 3

Iron Man 4: We're heard rumors since the release of Iron Man 3 that it might be the end of the road for the super-heroic character in a stand-alone series, and now Robert Downey Jr. has confirmed that there are no current plans for Iron Man 4. "There isn't one in the pipe," he stated. The actor will, however, play Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron, due out next year, and is also signed for one more Avengers adventure, which is scheduled for 2018. [Variety]



Manchester-by-the-Sea: Matt Damon will be reteaming with writer-director Kenneth Lonergan for the independent drama Manchester-by-the-Sea. The two (pictured above, with Anna Paquin) previously worked together on Margaret, which was released in 2011. In the new film, Damon will star as a Boston plumber who ends up caring for his 16-year-old nephew, which proves to be a daunting challenge. The film will begin production this fall. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Bang Bang Baby

Bang Bang Baby Trailer: Debuting tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, Bang Bang Baby stars Jane Levy (Evil Dead) as a Canadian high school student in the early 1960s who idolizes a pop star (Justin Chatwin). When she unexpectedly crosses paths with the pop star, this fantastical musical kicks into high gear. [MovieClips]




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