Movie News: Creepy New 'Oldboy' Pics; Kelsey Grammer Joining 'Expendables 3;' First Trailer for 'Nebraska'

Movie News: Creepy New 'Oldboy' Pics; Kelsey Grammer Joining 'Expendables 3;' First Trailer for 'Nebraska'

Sep 18, 2013


Oldboy: Spike Lee's Oldboy, a new big-screen version of a Japanese manga, is heading to theaters on November 27. The latest marketing campaign features some very creepy images, including a hard-to-recognize Josh Brolin. He stars as a man who is locked up for many years, without knowing why -- and is then unexpectedly released, with deadly vengeance on his mind. [Film District]



The Expendables 3: In an apparently commendable effort to employ every actor of a certain age with a bit of name recognition, Kelsey Grammer will be joining the large ensemble cast of The Expendables 3. Grammer, who has played such memorably nasty villains as Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons, and will play one again in Transformers: Age of Extinction, will line up with the good guys this time; if the deal closes, he'll take over the role of a helpful former mercenary that was originally thought to be going to Nicolas Cage. [Deadline]

Ninjago: Warner Bros.' computer-animated The Lego Movie is heading to theaters on February 11, 2014, and now the studio is moving forward on another Lego big-screen project. Ninjago will feature "ninjas, samurais and senseis [who] fight side-by-side against dragons, armies of snake men, and Lord Gagmadon, an evil warlord." Animation veteran Charlie Bean (Disney's animated TV series TRON: Uprising) has been tapped to direct. [Heat Vision]

Nebraska Trailer: Bruce Dern thinks he's won a million dollars and so sets off on a road trip to Billings, Montana, accompanied by his son, Will Forte, in Alexander Payne's new film Nebraska. Presented in gorgeous black and white, the first trailer lays out the story and introduces the main characters in a very inviting manner; the movie is heading to theaters on November 15. [Movie Clips]




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