Movie News: Cool 'Sinister' Motion Poster; Stallone and De Niro in ‘Grudge Match,’ Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficient’ Prince Cast; More

Movie News: Cool 'Sinister' Motion Poster; Stallone and De Niro in ‘Grudge Match,’ Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficient’ Prince Cast; More

May 31, 2012

Rocky Balboa - Little Fockers

Rocky vs. Raging Bull: Who better than Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro to play retired boxers facing off in one last bout? The two are in negotiations to star in Grudge Match, a comedy to be directed by Peter Segal (Anger Management, Get Smart). Stallone, who brought Rocky Balboa out of retirement in 2006, will be 66 years old in July and De Niro turns 69 in August; neither, happily, have indicated any desire to retire from acting. [The Wrap]

The Unknown Prince: If you’ve never heard of Brenton Thwaites, don’t worry, you will. The young actor has been cast as the handsome prince in Maleficent, which will star Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning and is due out in 2014. Thwaits has been appearing in Home and Away, the long-running Australian soap opera whose alumni includes Chris Hemsworth, Guy Pearce, and Heath Ledger; he’ll also star in the upcoming TV movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, which will air next month and should attract some eyeballs. [Deadline]

Groundhog Action: Director Joe Carnahan, who most recently helmed the excellent wilderness thriller The Grey, is ready to move forward on his next project. Entitled Continue, it’s said to be “an action movie spin on Groundhog Day,” as a soldier must re-experience the same day while eluding a band of mysterious assassins out for his hide. [Twitch]

Goodbye, 35mm, Goodbye: In yet another sign of the Apocalypse end of an era, the long-established  camera-rental agency Otto Nemenz International is auctioning off 90% of its film-based inventory. Equipment from the company, located in Hollywood, has been utilized in dozens of films and TV shows, but with the increasing shift away from 35mm and towards digital, they decided it was time to say goodbye to the film side of their business. [via press release]

Haunted Movement: In the very dark and potentially disturbing Sinister, true crime writer Ethan Hawke moves his family into a house where a mass murder was committed. Need we add that strange things begin to happen? The film had a well-received sneak preview at SXSW, and now you can get a feel for it in the very cool new motion poster below.

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