Movie News: Christina Applegate Takes a 'Vacation;' Surprise 'Thor 2' Cameo; Another 'Room 237' Poster

Movie News: Christina Applegate Takes a 'Vacation;' Surprise 'Thor 2' Cameo; Another 'Room 237' Poster

Mar 21, 2013

Vacation: We already know that Ed Helms is playing Rusty Griswold in the upcoming Vacation next-generation sequel/reboot. Now he's got a wife in Christina Applegate, who allegedly has been loosely attached to the project for years. Her character is apparently losing interest in Rusty as the couple embark on a road trip with their kids inspired by the one in the original National Lampoon's Vacation film. Perhaps she and Helms can find a new bond in the fact they've both recently lost their sitcom gigs. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Thor: The Dark World: There's not much to say about this information, other than we love seeing him in more and more roles, but Chris O'Dowd has stated in an interview that he's briefly in Thor 2. He did only one scene, and it's been determined that he plays a guy dating Natalie Portman's character, Jane Foster. This would all impress Roy from The IT Crowd on so many levels. [The Film Stage]

Jane Got a Gun But Not a Law: Yesterday in the movie news was the story about Lynne Ramsay suddenly abandoning the helm of Jane Got a Gun on the day it was to begin shooting. They've replaced her with Gavin O'Connor. However, now Jude Law has departed the production, reportedly because he had been on board primarily to work with Ramsay. Maybe they can get Tom Hardy to fill his shoes and keep buildng this as a Warrior reunion. Any room for Nick Nolte? [Deadline]

Pompeii: It may seem funny to think that a disaster movie about the 79 A.D. destruction of Pompeii needs a villain. Isn't the villain Mt. Vesuvius? Well, yes, but Titanic had Billy Zane in addition to the iceberg. In addition to the threat of volcanic ash and lava, the protagonists of Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii will have to deal with Kiefer Sutherland as a "scheming senator." His scheme is to marry the girl (Emily Browning) in love with a slave (Kit Harington) owned by her father (Jared Harris). [The Hollywood Reporter]

Good Luck of Right Now: Just hours after we learned his HBO series Englightened was canceled, Mike White was on the rebound with a new movie project. He'll be adapting Good Luck of Right Now, a novel by Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick. This one is similarly set in Philadelphia but involves quirkier characters, like a pair of siblings who believe they were abducted by aliens. It's primarily about a group of grieving individuals who come together as a pseudo family. Sounds right up the Good Girl screenwriter's alley. [Variety]

Room 237 Poster #2: If the parody of The Shining poster isn't your thing, maybe you'll be drawn into Room 237 by this new design incorporating the different theories you'll hear in the acclaimed documentary. Click for a bigger version.


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