Movie News: Chinese 'Step Up 6' on Its Way; See Emma Watson, Luke Evans in New 'Beauty and the Beast' Photo

Movie News: Chinese 'Step Up 6' on Its Way; See Emma Watson, Luke Evans in New 'Beauty and the Beast' Photo

Nov 25, 2016

Step Up 6

Step Up 6: The sixth installment in the popular Step Up series is on its way, but with a twist. The Chinese-language sequel will feature an entirely Chinese cast and will include a martial arts component to go along with the expected dance sequences. Ron Yuan will direct; he has a martial arts background as an action choreographer and stunt coordinator. Filming will take place in Beijing and Los Angeles; the movie is expected in Chinese theaters next year. [Deadline]

Step Up 6


Beauty and the Beast: A new photo from Beauty and the Beast has been released, showing heroine Belle (Emma Watson) and her would-be beau Gaston (Luke Evans). Dan Stevens also stars; the movie will open in theaters on March 17. [Twitter]



The Voyeur's Motel: Sam Mendes (SPECTRE, above) has dropped his plans to direct a big-screen version of The Voyeur's Motel, based on Gay Talese's book about a real-life motel owner who claimed he spied on his guests for many years. After the news broke, conflicting reports arose about the the motel owner's veracity. Now, however, Mendes says he has learned about a forthcoming documentary which prompted him to walk away from his project: after he saw it: "It has so many things that are wonderful and can only be achieved by a documentary." [Deadline]



Passengers Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in Passengers as two people who awaken early from suspended animation on what's intended to be a 90-year journey to a new planetary home. A new trailer sums up their situation and teases the dangers they face. The movie opens on December 21. [Movieclips]


The Book of Love

The Book of Love Trailer: An architect (Jason Sudeikis) helps a homeless teenager (Maisie Williams) build a raft in The Book of Love. Jessica Biel, Mary Steenburgen, Paul Reiser and Orlando Jones also star; the movie is set for theatrical release on January 13. [Movieclips]

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