Movie News: Charlie Hunnam Touted for 'Papillon' Remake; 'Independence Day' Director Wants 'Battle of Midway'

Movie News: Charlie Hunnam Touted for 'Papillon' Remake; 'Independence Day' Director Wants 'Battle of Midway'

May 05, 2016

Crimson Peak

Papillon: Charlie Hunnam (Crimson Peak, above) is eyeing the starring role in Papillon, a remake of a prison escape drama. Based on an autobiography by Henri Charriere, the 1973 original starred Steve McQueen as an unjustly convicted man sentenced to life imprisonment on a harsh South American prison island. He plots to escape with the help of a timid fellow prisoner (Dustin Hoffman). Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) wrote a new screenplay; Michael Noer is attached to direct. [Deadline]


Roland Emmerich

Battle of Midway: Roland Emmerich (Independence Day: Resurgence) wants to make a movie about the historic Battle of Midway. The battle between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy took place over four days in June 1942 and proved to be a decisive victory for the U.S. armed forces. Emmerich stated: "A lot of pilots died in this battle. I want to make a monument to them." [Coming Soon]


Slender Man

Slender Man: The fictional supernatural character Slender Man, created in an internet forum in 2009, may be heading to the big screen. Reportedly, Screen Gems is developing a movie based on a screenplay by David Birke (13 Sins). The character "abducted children and influenced people to commit terrible acts." The studio is aiming to begin production this fall. [ComicBook]


Now You See Me 2

Now You See Me 2 Clip: Morgan Freeman is featured in a new clip from Now You See Me 2, explaining the premise for the action caper: someone has ended up behind bars and wants revenge. Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Caine also star; the sequel will open in theaters on June 10. [Movieclips]

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