Movie News: Bill Paxton Joins Tom Cruise to 'Kill;' 'Alice in Wonderland' Heading to TV; Musical 'Tim Buckley' Trailer

Movie News: Bill Paxton Joins Tom Cruise to 'Kill;' 'Alice in Wonderland' Heading to TV; Musical 'Tim Buckley' Trailer

Sep 19, 2012

Big Love

Bill Paxton: Who would you hire to boss around a major star? Bill Paxton is in talks to play a tough platoon sergeant in All You Need Is Kill, which stars Tom Cruise as a “raw recruit” who is reborn each day as he tries to become a better soldier. Doug Liman will direct the sci-fi action movie; Emily Blunt also stars. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland made more than a billion dollars at the box office, so it’s no surprise that someone would now try to translate Lewis Carroll’s classic to the little screen. The CW is developing the show, titled Wunderland, and film director McG will serve as an executive producer. Alice will be “a young female detective in present-day Los Angeles who discovers another world that exists under the surface of this ultra-modern city,” which sounds a bit too familiar, doesn't it? [Deadline]

Academy Awards: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will shrink the period for members to vote on nominations, and will also enable online voting for the first time. Members who want to vote online will need to go to secure voting stations in Los Angeles, New York and London. As a result, nominations will be announced earlier -- January 10 -- three days before the Golden Globe Awards show. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Greetings from Tim Buckley Trailer: Influential father and son musicians Tim and Jeff Buckley both died far too young, but a new film starring Penn Badgley (TV's Gossip Girl) seeks to make them better known to modern audiences. A new trailer for Greetings from Tim Buckley, which is searching for U.S. distribution, shows off Badgley’s musical abilities. [The Film Stage]

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