Movie News in 60 Seconds: Vampires Beat Muppets, New Q for Bond, ‘Star Trek 2’ Release Date

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Vampires Beat Muppets, New Q for Bond, ‘Star Trek 2’ Release Date

Nov 25, 2011

The Muppets

Vampires Beat Muppets: As anticipated by industry analysts, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 easily topped The Muppets at the box office on Wednesday, earning an estimated $12.5 million vs. $6.6 million. We’ll see how the long weekend develops, as adults wake up from turkey comas and deal with Black Friday; early returns for Arthur Christmas ($2.4 million) and Hugo ($1.6 million on far fewer screens) are in line with expectations.  (Box Office Mojo)

New Q for Bond: The British intelligence gadget expert known as Q will make an appearance in the next James Bond film, Skyfall, and he’ll be played by a much younger model. Ben Whishaw, 31, will play the character, who has not shown up in a Bond flick since 2002’s Die Another Day, when he was played by John Cleese; Desmond Llewelyn made the role famous. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Dating ‘Star Trek’: As our own Mike Bracken noted previously, Star Trek 2 (AKA the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ reboot) has been pushed back to 2013. Now we have a specific date -- May 17, 2013 -- along with word that the movie will be in 3D. Yay? (Deadline)

‘Puss’ is Naughty, Evidently: Family film Puss in Boots will be released as Cat in Boots in the United Arab Emirates, due to concerns by the censorship board that “puss” in the title might give offense. (We wonder why?) Reportedly, star Antonio Banderas was asked not to refer to his character’s name during a recently publicity tour in the country. (The Guardian)

The Queen of Soul We’ve Never Seen: You may know that Aretha Franklin, “the Queen of Soul,” recorded a live double album in 1972 entitled “Amazing Grace,” which went on to become her biggest-selling recording. But did you know that director Sydney Pollack filmed the concert for a planned documentary? The director died in 2008, but hopes of distributing the now-finished doc are on hold until a judge can hear from Franklin as to why she wants to block the release. (Detroit Free Press)

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