Movie News in 60 Seconds: Steve Jobs and Charles Napier Are Gone; Clint Eastwood, Actor; James Bond in ‘Skyfall’?

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Steve Jobs and Charles Napier Are Gone; Clint Eastwood, Actor; James Bond in ‘Skyfall’?

Oct 06, 2011

Steve Jobs

A Visionary Passes: Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer and died last night at the age of 56. Among his many accomplishments, he was responsible for acquiring what became Pixar in 1986; he served as CEO of the company until it was acquired by Disney in 2006. (Reuters)

Character Actors Never Die: The great character actor Charles Napier, 75, died yesterday afternoon in Bakersfield, California. He was a familiar face on TV in the 70s before becoming a favorite of director Jonathan Demme, who cast him in nearly all of his movies, among dozens of other roles. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Coming Out of Retirement?: Clint Eastwood last acted in his own Gran Torino in 2008, which he indicated would be the conclusion to his thespian career, but he may appear again in front of the camera for baseball flick Trouble With the Curve, a film that his business partner Robert Lorenz may direct. (Variety)

Named, Not Numbered: Will the next James Bond movie, up to now referred to as James Bond 23, be titled Skyfall? That’s the speculation, after a website discovered Sony Pictures has been snapping up domain names with that word in the address. (MI6)

Fiscal Insanity: As a test, the upcoming Tower Heist will be available via video on demand in Atlanta and Portland, Oregon, on November 25, three weeks after it opens in theaters and just in time to devour along with other Thanksgiving leftovers. The price? $59.99. (Los Angeles Times

Foot in Mouth Disease #1: Johnny Depp, who compared being photographed to “being raped somehow,” apologized for his comments in the November issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine. (CBS News)

Foot in Mouth Disease #2 -- Cure Discovered: Lars Von Trier announced his retirement from public speaking, as his Cannes comments about Nazis continue to haunt him. (Thompson on Hollywood)

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