Movie News in 60 Seconds: Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ Questions, Malick’s Home Video Versions, Hailee Steinfeld Banned

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Spielberg’s ‘War Horse’ Questions, Malick’s Home Video Versions, Hailee Steinfeld Banned

Nov 23, 2011

War Horse

Steven Spielberg Wants Your Questions: On Sunday evening in New York, Steven Spielberg will participate in a Q&A after an advance screening of War Horse, which is not due to open wide until December 25. What’s noteworthy is that the Q&A will be beamed via satellite to nine other cities across the country where special screenings are also being held, as well as being live streamed on; attendees will be able to text in their questions. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Malick-heads, Take Note: Filmmaker Terrence Malick has certainly been a busy bee lately, with two -- or is it three? -- projects in various stages of production. In addition to all that, Billy Weber, his usual editor, says that a new home video version of Badlands, Malick’s first feature, is on its way, while an extended version of this year’s The Tree of Life may also be coming down the pike, eventually. (All Things Shining via The Playlist)

A Dangerous Ad: A clothing company’s ad campaign, photographed by Bruce Weber and featuring Hailee Steinfeld, the 14-year-old, Academy Award-nominated star of True Grit, has been banned in the UK. The Advertising Standards Authority determined that the ad, which showed a distraught Steinfeld sitting on railroad tracks, “was irresponsible because it showed a child in an unsafe location.” (The Guardian UK)

Movie Theaters, Los Angeles Edition: Historic movie theaters in Los Angeles’ Broadway District are featured in current releases The Muppets, J. Edgar, The Artist, In Time, and in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Location shooting is credited with their continued existence, decades after nearly all of them closed. (Los Angeles Times)

Movie Theaters, New Orleans Edition: Neighborhood movie theaters in New Orleans flourished in 1949, before the advent of television; the city boasted more than 50 theaters at the time. Only one single-screen movie palace, the Prytania Theater, remains. (The Times-Picayune; see photo gallery)

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