Movie News in 60 Seconds: Sexy ‘Passion’ Pics, Knightley Replacing Johansson, ‘Suspiria’ Remake Finds a Star; More

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Sexy ‘Passion’ Pics, Knightley Replacing Johansson, ‘Suspiria’ Remake Finds a Star; More

May 16, 2012

A Dangerous Method

One Beauty Replaces Another: In a surprising turn, Keira Knightley has replaced Scarlett Johansson in the starring role of Can A Song Save Your Life?, to be directed by John Carney (Once). Johansson left for personal reasons. Knightley (above, in A Dangerous Method) will now play a singer who gets dumped by her boyfriend after they move to New York. Mark Ruffalo had been in negotiations for a lead role as a record producer; Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) is set to play his daughter, though it appears Ruffalo may have dropped out as well. [Screen]

Witchy Woman: As previously reported, David Gordon Green is moving forward with his remake of Dario Argento’s horror classic Suspiria, and he’s found his leading lady. Isabelle Fuhrman, who convincingly played a very young girl in Orphan before snaring a part as a contestant in The Hunger Games, will take on the role originally played by Jessica Harper, an American girl who travels to Europe to attend ballet school and discovers a coven of witches. [Showblitz]

Surprising Choices: For his next movie, Nebraska, director Alexander Payne has considered casting Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones, Jon Voight, and/or Casey Affleck in the tale of an alcoholic father who gets his son to drive him hundreds of miles to redeem a winning lottery ticket, but his latest picks may be the most surprising: the great Bruce Dern (soon to turn 76) as the father and Will Forte (Saturday Night Live, MacGruber) as the son. Payne plans to film the drama in black and white. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Passionate Pictures: As you might expect from a film titled Passion, sexy photos have started to trickle out from Brian De Palma’s remake, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. We have two of the latest below. [Facebook via ComingSoon]



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