Movie News in 60 Seconds: Matt Damon, Director; 'Captain Underpants,' the Movie; Live-Action 'Akira'

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Matt Damon, Director; 'Captain Underpants,' the Movie; Live-Action 'Akira'

Oct 20, 2011

Matt Damon

But I Always Wanted to Direct: Matt Damon, an Academy Award-winning screenwriter (he acts a little, too),  has reportedly decided to direct a script he co-wrote with actor John Krasinski; the untitled project is described as “in the vein of Erin Brockovich.” So which one will be wearing a padded bra? (Damon, above, with wife Luciana Bozán Barroso at the Venice Film Festival premiere of Contagion; photo credit: Getty Images.) (The Hollywood Reporter)

We Presume Your Kids Will Love It: Dreamworks Animation has won a bidding war for the rights to the best-selling Captain Underpants series of books. Parents with children of a certain age, we suppose, need no further introduction to the source material. (Deadline)

Dept. of Live-Action Cartoons: The long-in-development live-action remake of Akira, the classic Japanese anime, has finally received a green light. The story will be set in a future version of Manhattan, though psychokinetic biker gangs are still promised; Leonard DiCaprio is one of the producers, and TRON: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund is rumored to be the frontrunner to star. (Variety)

To Go Wide, or Not to Go Wide: Sony has decided to open Anonymous, the new Shakespeare-themed drama by Roland Emmerich, in only 250 theaters nationwide next week instead of the thousands that were originally planned. The distributor says it wants to build word of mouth, before opening wide. (The Hollywood Reporter)

San Francisco, You Have a New Leader: Bingham Ray has been named as the new executive director of the San Francisco Film Society, replacing Graham Leggett, who passed away in August. Ray has “decades in indie distribution” under his belt; this sounds like a great match. (Thompson on Hollywood)

Give Me My Money: John Singleton is suing Paramont Pictures for $20 million, saying that the studio did not live up to all the terms of the distribution deal he made with them for 2005‘s Hustle and Flow. The studio begs to differ. (Los Angeles Times)

First!: The New York Film Critics Circle has moved up the day they vote on year-end awards to November 28. Because then, presumably, they can take the rest of the year off. (Awards Daily)

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