Movie News in 60 Seconds: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Japanese Trailer; ‘Hunger Games’ Defeats ‘Stooges’; ‘Titanic 3D’ Sails Away Overseas

Movie News in 60 Seconds: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Japanese Trailer; ‘Hunger Games’ Defeats ‘Stooges’; ‘Titanic 3D’ Sails Away Overseas

Apr 16, 2012

The Hunger Games

Still Hungry: In its fourth week of release, The Hunger Games continues to hold sway at the box office. This weekend it earned an estimated $21.5 million, pushing its total earnings in the U.S. past $337 million, good enough for #22 on the all-time list. Among debuting films, PG-rated family comedy The Three Stooges made a decent showing ($17.1 million), as did highly-touted R-rated horror comedy The Cabin in the Woods ($14.9 million), though neither was a barn-burner; action flick Lockout managed only $6.25 million. [Box Office Mojo]

Big in China: Weeks in advance of its domestic bow, Peter Berg’s action-filled Battleship opened overseas this weekend, raking in $58 million from 26 territories. That sounds pretty good, but pales in comparison to Titanic 3D, which made $58 million in China alone. (The censorship of Kate Winslet’s nudity obviously did not deter audiences.) Overall, Titanic 3D hauled in $88 million from 69 territories overseas. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hong Kong Film Awards: As audiences in Mainland China flocked to a Hollywood blockbuster, the film industry in Hong Kong honored its own. Ann Hui’s critically-acclaimed A Simple Life, a drama about a film director who cares for his aging domestic servant, won Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor (Andy Lau), Best Actress (Deanie Ip), Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Martial arts epic The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, a 3D picture directed by Tsui Hark, won an equal number of awards on the technical and behind-the-scenes side. [Film Business Asia]

New International Trailer: Japan will see The Amazing Spider-Man a few days before the U.S., which may explain why a new trailer with a little unseen footage has debuted there. The trailer is in English with Japanese sub-titles. [Coming Soon]


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