Movie News in 60 Seconds: Katherine Heigl Repeats Milla Jovovich, 'The Raid' Sequel, 'Carriers' Writers Get a New Gig

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Katherine Heigl Repeats Milla Jovovich, 'The Raid' Sequel, 'Carriers' Writers Get a New Gig

Feb 03, 2012

Katherine Heigl Struck With Rare Disorder: No, unfortunately Katherine Heigl hasn't come down with a rare disorder that will stop her from making movies, but she's signed on to play a woman who has one, so that should at least keep her away from rom coms for a little bit. The disorder in question is called face blindness, and it means the afflicted cannot internally associate a person's face, which is super inconvenient if you're trying to figure out who is stalking you. And if that plot sounds familiar, that's because a (rather boring) Milla Jovovich film called Faces in the Crowd (pictured above) with a nearly identical conceit went straight to DVD a few weeks ago.

Tom Hanks Gains a Wife: Well, a movie wife, that is. Catherine Keener will play Hanks' wife in Captain Phillips, the Paul Greengrass-directed retelling of the real life of the titular seaman who traded his life to a gang of Somali pirates in exchange for the freedom of his crew. 

A Sequel to The Raid Finds a US Home: By all accounts Gareth Evans' The Raid is one of the most badass action films in years. It's been making its way around the festival cirtcuit for a few months now, and its actual US release date is hard to pin down, but Sony has already ponied up hard cash for the US, Latin American and Spanish rights to its sequel, Berandal. Production won't start until the end of the year, but that's okay because the majority of us are still waiting to see the first flick.

Summit Buys Colombian-Set Chiller: Summit has purchased the distribution rights to an untitled supernatural horror movie about an American family that moves to Colombia only to discover, as is so often the case when a family moves to a house in a rural town, that their new casa is totes haunted. Luis Quilez will direct a script written by Alex and David Pastor, the duo behind the underseen and underappreciated Chris Pine-led film, Carriers.

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