Movie News in 60 Seconds: Chinese 'Avengers'; Tarzan Goes Motion Capture; Latest NC-17 Movie; Uwe Boll Extra Woes

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Chinese 'Avengers'; Tarzan Goes Motion Capture; Latest NC-17 Movie; Uwe Boll Extra Woes

May 04, 2012


Me Tarzan, You Motion Capture: Actually, both Jane and Tarzan will be rendered  as performance-capture characters in a new 3D version of Tarzan, with Twilight’s Kellan Lutz as the titular hero and the lovely Spencer Locke as Jane. In the modernized tale, Tarzan and Jane will fight a mercenary army formed and funded by an evil CEO. We wonder if Tarzan will be barely-dressed, swing on vines, and inclined to man-handle Jane, as in Disney’s 1999 version, above? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Less Intense, Please: As told by Jennifer Lynch, director of the upcoming Chained, her movie received an NC-17 rating from the MPAA because of the “context” of a scene in which a woman’s throat is slit open. She feels, though, that the film is being “punished” because the violence is depicted “authentically,” as opposed to any number of other horror movies “where the violence is sexy and funny.” Lynch will begrudgingly recut the film to secure an R-rating. [Los Angeles Times]

Uwe Boll Extra Turmoil: The leader of a commission charged with investigating the victims of a serial killer in Vancouver, Canada, has come under fire because he spent time on his day off working as a movie extra -- specifically, a crime victim -- for The Bailout, a Uwe Boll movie. The commission has already been accused of not paying sufficient attention to the poor and vulnerable women in the area where the crimes were committed. The Bailout concerns a man exacting revenge on stockbrokers after the 2008 financial meltdown. [National Post]

Chinese 'Avengers': Anxious U.S. moviegoers are not the only ones who had to wait until today to see The Avengers -- China and Russia have been forced to play the waiting game as well. In the interest of world unity, here is one of the recently-released character posters for the film, which is nearly identical to what we've already seen. [Mtime via Chinese Films]

The Avengers

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