Movie News in 60 Seconds: Bradley Cooper, Giant Squid Investigator; Taylor Lautner Joins 'Grown Ups 2'; ‘Titanic’ Goes 4DX Overseas

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Bradley Cooper, Giant Squid Investigator; Taylor Lautner Joins 'Grown Ups 2'; ‘Titanic’ Goes 4DX Overseas

Apr 05, 2012

Midnight Meat Train

Revolutionary Squid Fighter: This sounds crazy, but bear with us, because this could be good. Bradley Cooper will (eventually) be offered the lead role of Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones in Here There Be Monsters, based on a script by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Green Zone) in which Jones investigates the disappearnce of merchant ships in the North Atlantic; a giant squid is the chief suspect (?!). Jaume Collett-Serra (Unknown, Orphan) is now in negotiations to direct; past possible helmsmen included Robert Zemeckis and Brad Bird. [Vulture]

Laugh at the Wolf Boy: Oh boy! As if you needed more reasons (not) to see Grown Ups 2, the forthcoming sequel to Adam Sandler’s highly popular (alleged) comedy, Taylor Lautner (Twilight) has now been added to the cast. He is in negotiations to appear in a “fun” role, which sounds like a glorified cameo when you consider that most of the gang from the first film -- Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph, Salma Hayek -- will also be returning and will, no doubt, want their share of screen time. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Smell and Feel Disaster: James Cameron is a visionary filmmaker, but he might take a lesson from a South Korean company that will offer overseas audiences a true “theme park ride-like” experience to go along with Titanic 3D. Moviegoers in Mexico, South Korea, China and Thailand can enjoy Titanic 4DX starting today, placing them “inside [the] film’s environment using motion, wind, fog, lighting and scent-based special effects.” The company customizes the experience for each movie; plans are afoot to expand to U.S. theaters. [Los Angeles Times]

Thailand Bans Film: Audiences in Thailand may be able to see an enhanced Titanic 3D, but there's another film that they won't be allowed to watch. The Thai Film Board has banned Shakespeare Must Die, an adaptation of Macbeth that censors feared would cause disunity in the country. A trailer reveals that “the film plays on images from Thailand's turbulent and violent political past.” [Wise Kwai]

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