Movie News: 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' to Include Marvel Pop Star Dazzler; 'Venom' and 'Spider-Man' Clarity

Movie News: 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' to Include Marvel Pop Star Dazzler; 'Venom' and 'Spider-Man' Clarity

Jun 26, 2017

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Recently we heard that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Sophie Turner will all be returning to star in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the next installment in the superhero series. Now a new report says that Marvel character Dazzler, a mutant pop star, will also appear, though only in a small part. The character was referred to in X-Men: Apocalypse in a scene that was deleted from the final cut (below). Simon Kinberg will direct; the movie is set to open on November 2, 2018. []


Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man: Producer Amy Pascal has clarified comments she made about certain Marvel characters (Venom, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Spider-Man) and their future appearances on the big screen: "Spider-Man is now part of the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] … The other things that Sony are doing … are independent, separate franchises." That includes the forthcoming Venom and Silver Sable and Black Cat. [Twitter]


Jason Bourne

Ad Astra: Tommy Lee Jones (Jason Bourne, above) is in final talks to star in Ad Astra. Brad Pitt is already set to star in the sci-fi epic, cowritten and to be directed by James Gray (The Lost City of Z). Reportedly, Pitt will play an engineer who travels into deep space to find his father, who left 20 years before on a mission to Neptune in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. Production is scheduled to get underway in September. [Deadline]


Wish Upon

Wish Upon Clip: A new clip from Wish Upon features Ryan Phillippe as a driver traveling alone who must deal with the possibly horrific effects of a flat tire. Joey King, Ki Hong Lee and Sherilyn Fenn also star; the movie will open in theaters on July 14. [Movieclips]  

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