Movie News: 'Pete's Dragon' Reinvented; Director Ditches Natalie Portman Movie; 'Iron Man 3' IMAX Poster

Movie News: 'Pete's Dragon' Reinvented; Director Ditches Natalie Portman Movie; 'Iron Man 3' IMAX Poster

Mar 20, 2013

Pete's Dragon: It's a brazzle-dazzle day for indie filmmaker David Lowery, who has been wooed to his first studio project: a reinvention of Pete's Dragon. Lowery, who was just at Sundance with his latest feature Ain't Them Bodies Saints (and Pit Stop, which he cowrote, and Upstream Color, which he coedited), has been hired by Disney for the remake, which will not be a musical like the 1977 animation/live-action hybrid. He'll collaborate with writing partner and Saints and Upstream producer Toby Halbrooks. Mickey Rooney can come back as Lampie, right? [Deadline]

Goosebumps: Another generation's beloved childhood property is also headed for a new incarnation on the big screen. R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series of novels, which also spawned a TV series in the '90s, is finally getting the long-awaited feature film treatment. And Sony Pictures is looking to Gulliver's Travels helmer Rob Letterman to direct. The last known screenwriter to work a draft of the adaptation is Jack the Giant Slayer's Darren Lemke. Between the two of them, it will be surprising if the plot won't involve giants. [Deadline]

UPDATED: Jane Got a Gun But No Director: If you were looking forward to Lynne Ramsay's feature follow-up to We Need to Talk About Kevin, you're going to have to wait a while. The director was on board Jane Got a Gun until Monday, which also happened to be when she was supposed to begin shooting. She was a no-show, and it's still unknown why she ditched out. The cast, which includes Jude Law, Joel Edgerton and Natalie Portman, who is also producing, are rehearsing on set, and it's just been announced that Warrior director Gavin O'Connor will replace her, according to Deadline. We wish this troubled movie luck and we also wish Ramsay luck finding a job anytime soon. [Deadline]

Hitchcock Silents: The nine earliest films by Alfred Hitchcock have been restored by the British Film Institute and will tour the U.S. later this year. These rare silent features range in release from 1925 through 1929 and include The Pleasure Garden, Downhill (aka When Boys Leave Home), Easy Virtue, Champagne, The Farmer's Wife, Blackmail, The Ring, The Manxman and The Lodger. Cities lined up so far include San Francisco, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Berkeley, Boston, Seattle and Houston. Now's the time for a copy of Hitch's lost second film, The Mountain Eagle (aka Fear O' God] in a basement in South America somewhere to make it 10. [Variety]

Iron Man 3 IMAX poster: There's a new poster specifically for the IMAX 3D release of Iron Man 3, and it shows Ben Kingsley looking like he's in a totally different movie than the rest. Like some mash-up between The Wackness and The Love Guru. Click on the image for the supersize version.

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