Movie News: 'Mission: Impossible 5' and 'Hail Caesar!' Casting; 'Lucy' Red-Band Clip

Movie News: 'Mission: Impossible 5' and 'Hail Caesar!' Casting; 'Lucy' Red-Band Clip

Jul 10, 2014

The White Queen

Mission: Impossible 5: Rebecca Ferguson, who starred as Queen Elizabeth in the U.K. drama series The White Queen, is reportedly the choice of Tom Cruise, director Christopher McQuarrie and the studio for the female lead in Mission: Impossible 5, though she hasn't yet been offered the role, described as "some sort of assassin." Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin is in talks to costar as the head of the CIA. [Deadline / Variety]


The Man Who Wasn't There

Hail Caesar!: Joel and Ethan Coen, aka the Coen brothers, are assembling an all-star cast for Hail Caesar!, their upcoming comedy set in Hollywood during the 1950s. Scarlett Johansson (who previously appeared in The Man Who Wasn't There for the Coens) and Jonah Hill are in talks to join the cast, which already includes Josh Brolin and George Clooney; Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes are also in talks to appear in the movie, which aims to begin production this fall. [Variety/The Wrap]


Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes: Ian McKellen shared a first-look photo of himself in character as Sherlock Holmes. The actor is playing the famed detective in Mr. Holmes, based on A Slight Trick of the Mind, a novel by Mitch Cullin about the 93-year-old character, "obsessing over one final case." Bill Condon, who worked with McKellen in Gods and Monsters, is directing. [Twitter/]



Lucy Clip: While Scarlett Johansson ponders the possibility of reuniting with the Coen brothers, the rest of us can enjoy her kicking serious butt in the first red-band (NSFW) clip from Lucy. The clip consists of three short scenes that demonstrate the character's talents with her body against an oppressor, as well as her deadly accurate aim with a weapon. The movie opens in theaters on July 25. [YouTube]




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