Movie News: 'Hitman' Rebooting with Paul Walker; First Image from Henry Selick's 'Shadow King;' 'Die Hard' Featurette

Movie News: 'Hitman' Rebooting with Paul Walker; First Image from Henry Selick's 'Shadow King;' 'Die Hard' Featurette

Feb 06, 2013

Paul Walker

Agent 47: Paul Walker will shave his head to play the title character in Agent 47, a new movie based on the popular video game Hitman. Timothy Olyphant starred in a 2007 big-screen version of the game, which follows an assassin with a barcode on the back of his head who follows orders from a mysterious organization. The original movie did better overseas than it did in the U.S., and the same can be said for Walker, both in the Fast and Furious films and in stand-alone features. [Deadline]

In a Dark Place: Jane Levy plays a bright, charming high school girl on ABC TV’s Suburgatory, but she plunges deep into horror territory with the upcoming Evil Dead remake, and she will remain in that vicinity for In a Dark Place. That’s the title of a horror thriller in which Levy will star as an American girl who takes a job as a British governess for a porcelain doll, which the family treats as a living thing (?!). Things get dicey when the doll begins to show signs that it may be alive. Hello, Chucky! [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Shadow King: A stop-motion animated feature film by director Henry Selick (Coraline, James and the Giant Peach) was recently halted by Disney, which plans to write off its $50 million investment. Now another company (K5) is seeking financing for the project, and work may resume soon. In the meantime, the first image has surfaced, which gives some hint as to the magical nature of the story. The voice cast includes Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Tambor. [Bleeding Cool]

The Shadow King

A Good Day to Die Hard Featurette: As you may have heard, a new Die Hard movie is opening in theaters next week. And, to remind us all how John McClane (Bruce Willis) has changed over the years since the 1988 original -- and yet has kept the same sense of humor and penchant for shooting guns and breaking glass -- a new featurette presents us with a “Walk Down Memory McClane.” [YouTube]

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