Movie News: 'Godzilla' Revealed (Pic); 'Batman vs. Superman' Casting; Jason Bateman's 'Bad Words' Trailer

Movie News: 'Godzilla' Revealed (Pic); 'Batman vs. Superman' Casting; Jason Bateman's 'Bad Words' Trailer

Dec 10, 2013


Godzilla: After two viral videos hit the Web yesterday, we have our first (somewhat more clear) peek at the new Godzilla. In one image, it's the monster described by director Gareth Edwards as "a force of nature, like the wrath of God or vengeance for the way we've behaved." The other new picture features Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays a soldier. Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston also star; the movie stomps into theaters on May 16. [USA Today]


Batman vs. Superman: Jason Momoa, who starred in the 2011 version of Conan the Barbarian but made a much greater impression in the first season of Game of Thrones as the powerful Khal Drogo, is in talks to play a role in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman. But what role will he be taking on? That's still a mystery; the villainous Doomsday and the superpowered Martian Manhunter have both been suggested as possibiliies. [Heat Vision]

Mae West: Bette Midler will play the legendary Mae West in a movie under development by HBO. The bawdy Midler is a splendid match to play the bawdy 1930s movie star, but the real originator is, surprisingly enough, William Friedkin, director of The French Connection, The Exorcist and, lately, Killer Joe. Harvey Fierstein, best known as an actor, is writing the script, based on West's autobiography, Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It. [Deadline]

Bad Words Red-Band Trailer: Jason Bateman stars as an extremely foul-mouthed 40-year-old man who competes in the national spelling bee against kids in Bad Words. As the trailer explains, he qualifies on a technicality, though his true purpose is not clear. Bateman also directed what looks like a very funny movie; it opens in theaters on March 21. Warning: Trailer NSFW. [Yahoo!]




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