Movie News: 'Carrie' Teaser Trailer; Jim Carrey Joining Heist Comedy; Harrison Ford Goes Nearly Bald in 'Paranoia'

Movie News: 'Carrie' Teaser Trailer; Jim Carrey Joining Heist Comedy; Harrison Ford Goes Nearly Bald in 'Paranoia'

Oct 16, 2012


Harrison Ford: It may not be a permanent new look, but Harrison Ford buzzed off most of his hair for his upcoming corporate espionage thriller Paranoia. Ford plays an uber-successful businessman; he hires an ambitious young man (Liam Hemsworth), who is promptly blackmailed into spying on his new boss by a business competitor (Gary Oldman). Ford says, “The look was something I had not had before. And I thought it added strong character value." Paranoia opens on October 4, 2013. [USA Today]

Jim Carrey: Four people stole $17 million from an armored Loomis Fargo bank truck in 1997, and now that true-life story has inspired a heist comedy titled Loomis Fargo. Jim Carrey is in negotiations to star; if he comes aboard, he will be working with Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess. The script has passed through multiple hands, including those of Danny McBride and Jody Hill, with the most recent draft by writers on the Napoleon Dynamite TV show. [The Wrap / The Hollywood Reporter]

Rupert Sanders: For a director who’s only made one feature film -- Snow White and the Huntsman -- Rupert Sanders sure is a hot property. Reportedly he’s been under consideration for the Snow White sequel (since shelved), the Snow White spin-off, and, most recently, the Van Helsing reboot with Tom Cruise. The latest report is that he’ll helm The Juliet, based on "Fondly Fahrenheit," a 1954 short story by the great Alfred Bester, which has been described as “Bonnie and Clyde in Space.” [Deadline / Coming Soon]

Carrie Trailer: There will be fire, smoke, blood and town-wide destruction, at least according to the teaser for the upcoming new version of Carrie, based on the novel by Stephen King. Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore star; the movie is due out next spring. [Yahoo! Movies]


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