Your Favorite Thing Today: Famous Movie Monsters Reimagined as Sexy Pinup Models

Your Favorite Thing Today: Famous Movie Monsters Reimagined as Sexy Pinup Models

Dec 11, 2013

Artist Erika Deoudes is our hero today for creating this 2014 calendar full of famous movie monsters reimagined as sexy pinup models. Dubbed The Calendar of Sexy Monsters, it features all your favorites, from the beautiful Predator seductively posing against a tree to Godzilla teasing the destructive package between his legs. Oh, what's that? You have a thing for the Blob? Don't worry, it's got a spot on here, too, in all of its hot, blobby glory. 

From Deoudes' website:

"The Calendar of Sexy Monsters is a set of twelve illustrations of ten famous movie monsters and two humble working-class monsters looking surprisingly (and seasonably) sensual in a funny (and only mildly disturbing) mutation of the conventional pinup calendar. Always suggestive, but never explicit—these are very freaky monsters, but the kind you can take home to mother."


Check out some of our favorites below, but you might want to get that cold shower running now just in case. It's about to get all sorts of hot (and slimy) up in your crib. Note: The following images are potentially NSFW, if only because your boss would think you were a total nutjob for scoping these out on company time.

If you're interested in picking up a calendar, head over here for more info. [via Design Taxi]





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