The Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Books, Toys and More

The Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Books, Toys and More

Dec 18, 2013

Yesterday we shared part one of the Holiday Gift Guide, which focused entirely on Blu-rays and DVDs. But we all know there are plenty of other things you can buy the movie fan in your life beyond actual movies, so we've put together a big list of reasonably priced and relatively new items that you can gift this holiday season. Unlike with part one of this guide, we won't be breaking these out into fan categories, since it should be immediately obvious what type of person will like these goodies.


Horror Pillows - $15-20
These are just plain cool. You've probably never even thought about having The Shining or The Thing pillows, but now that you know they exist, you've got to have them, right? Unfortunately is a small, handmade operation and it's too late to have any new orders arrive in time for Christmas, but these pillows are going to be damned cool no matter when they show up.


Custom Vintage Action Figures - $20+
Here's an eBay seller who creates action figures from your childhood, many of which never actually existed. Take, for example, the charred remains of Uncle Owen from Star Wars or Deckard from Blade Runner.


Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses - $89
Speaking of Blade Runner, you can buy the same glasses Harrison Ford uses in the movie. Well, not the exact same glasses, but the same cool, square style. These are a bit pricey, but oh so cool.


T-1000 Statue - $249
Okay, so not everything on this gift guide is affordable, but we can't help but list this collectible Terminator 2: Judgment Day statue. It's 18 inches tall and eight pounds heavy, so this isn't just some disposable action figure. Plus there are only 500 of them for sale, so you have a die-hard T2 superfan in your life, you may want to jump on this.


The DeLorean Time Machine Lego Set - $48
You know it'll break your heart when you watch your young child's imagination come to life as they build and subsequently play with this rad Lego Back to the Future replica. Or you could buy it for a grown man or woman. Either way, there will be no judgment, just envy.


Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 by Gallery 1988- $24.59
Got a friend who loves movie art and has a coffee table? Buy them this collection of some of the most incredible movie art around - all curated from the famous Gallery 1988 -  that way you can check it out any time you're at their house. 


Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man's Fundamentals for Delicious Living by Nick Offerman - $16.17
Memoirs and autobiographies from actors are a dime a dozen, but what separates Nick Offerman's from the rest is, well, Nick Offerman. This book will be best received by a fan of Offerman's TV work on Parks & Recreation (where his Ron Swanson character is not too far from his own personality), but even still it's a very funny book and a brisk read.


A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic - $20.46
This book does exactly what it says on the cover: it gives you a total picture of the production of one of the great film classics of all time. If you know someone who watches A Christmas Story every year (who doesn't?), this'll give them a new perspective on the whole thing.


Screenwriting 101 by Film Crit Hulk! - $4.95
Here's an eBook from Internet-famous film blogger Film Crit Hulk that's all about the basics of how to tell a good story. As for why you should care what some random, anonymous blogger thinks about screenwriting, this is one department where FCH really does know what he's talking about. And don't worry if your eyes can't stand FCH's all caps writing style, there is a traditional version of the entire book included as well.


Django Unchained ($16.51), Batman Noir: The Deluxe Edition ($18.47), Before Watchmen ($16.19)
The road between movies and comics these days is a two-way street. There are comics based on movies, like the terrific graphic novel for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Then there are comics that would make great movies, like the ones collected in the gritty series Batman Noir. And then there are comics that will (probably) never be made into movies, but would be iconic if they were, like the controversial Before Watchmen series. If you know anyone who likes the big-screen versions of any of these properties, then these would make great gifts.


Disney Infinity - $59.99+
The Disney Infinity video game series is one of the most ambitious projects the Mouse House has ever put together. It lets fans control all kinds of Disney characters from dozens of different franchises in a ton of playful ways they probably never even dreamed of. Of course, this is the kind of game where you can keep paying more and more money to unlock every possible piece of gameplay, but if you want to keep it simple, just go with the starter pack.


Read part one of the Holiday Gift Guide here.




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