What's the Most Obscure Movie Reference You Can Spot in This Elaborate Tribute to Geeks?

What's the Most Obscure Movie Reference You Can Spot in This Elaborate Tribute to Geeks?

Feb 06, 2014

This week Topher Grace launched his own pop-culture blog called Cereal Prize. Why? Well, why not? He's a huge movie geek, and he's already had enough massive success in his acting career that he could sit back, collect royalties, and post YouTube videos for the rest of his life if he wanted to, and I don't think anyone would judge him for it. He's kind of hit the movie-geek jackpot, and now he's using it to directly connect with his fans around the world. Nothing wrong with that.

But speaking of movie-geek jackpot, we wanted to draw your attention to the truly nerdy background image on Cereal Prize, which is crammed with a massive amount of references to movies, TV shows and video games that people of Grace's generation grew up with. There's obvious gags in it like posters for E.T. 2 and Ghostbusters 3, but it's the smaller gems that make this a fun game of spot the reference.

Personally, I'd love to read A Match Made in Space by George McFly, or get the lowdown on Sterling Cooper Draper Price though a real copy of Sterling's Gold (and not the lame version that exists in the real world), or crack open that book on Project Mayflower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What about you? What's your favorite reference in the below image?

Cereal Prize Background

If you like that, give Cereal Prize a bookmark. We're guessing it's bound to be up your alley. And who knows, maybe the background will change every couple months and give us a whole new set of references to pour through.





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