The Last Horror Blog: Clive Barker's 'Weaveworld,' 'Working With Jigsaw' and More

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Weaveworld adaptation gets a new writer – A small screen adaptation of Clive Barker’s ambitious fantasy novel Weaveworld is still alive and kicking over at the CW.

The network has been looking to bring the challenging tale to television since last year – when Jack Kenny produced a script that never made it into production. Kenny has now been replaced by Josh Stolberg – whose previous genre credits include Piranha 3D and the Sorority Row remake.

No word yet on who might serve as showrunner or star in the series, but expect more in the not too distant future.


Jigsaw invades the office with hilarious Working with Jigsaw short film Several years ago, filmmaker Jim Capel created a classic short horror film about living with Billy, the spooky puppet Jigsaw uses to relay his messages in the Saw films.

Capel is back, just in time for Halloween, with a new Jigsaw-inspired short – this one examining what it’s like to work with the puppet in the office. It’s every bit as funny as you’d expect.

I’ll not spoil the gags here – but I will say that working in an office would be a lot more interesting with this guy around.


M. Night Shyamalan tackles multiple personalities in new Split trailer M. Night Shyamalan elicits strong reactions from most movie fans – and they aren’t generally positive. However, last year’s The Visit was a surprisingly decent chiller – and Shyamalan is now back with another tale he hopes will help him regain his former glory.

Split finds James McAvoy playing a man with 23 different personalities. He’s kidnapped a group of girls, and now it’s up to his psychiatrist to save them before something awful happens.

Check out the latest trailer below. Split debuts in theaters on January 20, 2017.


Tim Lucas shuts down Video Watchdog it’s a tough trying to publish a print magazine in the Internet era, and the latest casualty to fall to the march of progress is Tim Lucas’ beloved Video Watchdog – which is closing down after 27 years of bringing fans some of the best coverage of horror and other cult oddities around.

Lucas cites the changing publishing landscape for the ‘zine’s demise – which is the sad but unfortunate truth facing most print magazines these days. That being said, it’s still sad to see Video Watchdog go. Many of us who have been writing about genre films since the dawn of the Internet learned from Lucas – and the world of film criticism won’t be the same without the magazine.

Read the full details from Lucas himself here.


Horror on the Horizon

You’d think at least one of the major studios would have a horror film in the theaters at the end of October, but scheduling changes have left fright fans with a trick instead of a treat at the their local cinemas this week.

Your best bet is to go see Ouija: Origin of Evil, which opened earlier in the month and should still be showing nationwide. That’s essentially your only option for the week of October 28.

Things are no better at the start of November. The only film in wide release that might appeal to horror fans is Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which was directed by Sinister’s Scott Derrickson.


Horror on Home Video

Things are just as dire on the homefront. There’s nothing worth recommending on November 1 – seems everyone used up all their great horror releases in October.

November 8 is better. What that Tuesday lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Scream Factory brings us a Blu-ray version of cult classic Bubba Ho-Tep, we get a nice new version of The Initiation, and Criterion blesses us with their Lone Wolf and Cub box set. That last one might not be horror, but gore fans will appreciate the carnage in this much-loved Samurai film series.


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