Best of the Week: The Top Movies of the Century, How to Get a Marvel Movie Gig and More

Aug 26, 2016 Comments (0)

The Important News

DC Extended Universe: Doug Liman will direct the Justice League Dark movie

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Niki Caro, Lesli Linka Glatter and Lorene Scafaria were shortlsted to direct Captain Marvel. Vin Diesel confirmed the Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Avengers: Infinity War. Mark Mothersbaugh is scoring Thor: Ragnarok. The Russo Brothers revealed Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU.

Star Wars: Gareth Edwards revealed Rogue One's title has three meanings

Disney: New photos and concept art from the live-action Beauty and the Beast surfaced online

Sequels: Dwayne Johnson confirmed the new movie is a sequel, not a reboot. Laika promised they will never make sequels

Remakes: Ruben Fleischer is making a movie based on the show Cops. Sam Mendes is making a live-action version of James and the Giant Peach.

Box Office: Suicide Squad continued to reign in theaters

Polls: Critics were surveyed for a list of the 100 best movies of this century. Moviegoers named their most anticipated fall releases.

Reel TV: Rupert Grint is starring in a Snatch TV series. The Departed and Get Shorty are also becoming TV shows.  

Documentaries: Idris Elba is documenting his personal, passionate pursuit to be a kickboxer.

Festivals: Fantastic Fest revealed another crop of major movies in this year's program


The Videos and Geek Stuff

New Movie Trailers: Rings, LionLa La LandKidnap, A United KingdomMax SteelThe Dressmaker, PlanetariumManchester By the Sea and My Blind Brother.

TV Spots: Mechanic: Resurrection and Blair Witch.

Clips: Snowden.

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Watch: An honest trailer for Disney's live-action Jungle Book.

Learn: How to make a great sex scene

Watch: A viral video parody promoting Don't Think Twice.

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