First Look: 'Movie 43' Might Be the Weirdest and Craziest Movie of 2013

First Look: 'Movie 43' Might Be the Weirdest and Craziest Movie of 2013

Oct 01, 2012

We've been hearing about sketch comedy Movie 43 for a while now, which brings together over 10 directors and dozens of stars. Peter Farrelly, Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk (better call Saul!) and Brett Ratner are some of the names behind the film that has been shooting on and off over the past four years. Some of the A-list names on camera include: Kate Winselt, Elizabeth Banks, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, Gerard Butler, Kieran Culkin, Josh Duhamel, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Chloe Moretz, Justin Long, Leslie Bibb, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Seann William Scott, Emma Stone, Jason Sudeikis and Uma Thurman. Entertainment Weekly has described it as "celebrity-steeped and plot-twisty as a Robert Altman film crossed with the shameless spunkiness of Jackass." This could go really right, or very wrong. The magazine has a preview of Movie 43, which we've featured several images from below. 

Although Farrelly has teased a secret "major plot line," we did find out a few details about the ensemble story that sees dramatic stars honing their comedic skills — thanks to producer Charlie Wessler who conceived of the large-scale project. Watts has played a fractured woman for David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, and she'll be revisiting that mindset as a "borderline psycho mom," with "1980s flair." She'll star alongside her real-life partner Liev Schreiber who homeschools their on-screen son (Shameless costar Jeremy Allen White). Even though the kid is safe from the terrifying hallways of public school, dad subjects him to bullying (apparently incited by a "bratty Watts with a teenage side ponytail"). In another segment, Winslet and Jackman go on a blind date, and she discovers his weird birth defect. Howard appears in a 1950s-set tale about an all-black basketball team — not unlike his turn in Red Tails, which found him doing something similar with pilots. He gives the group some very un-PC advice. Halle Berry, who has been a big disappointment ever since her Oscar win, apparently plays a "saucy game of truth or dare in a restaurant with erstwhile Ricky Gervais collaborator Stephen Merchant." A turkey baster is involved, if you care... or something. 

Head to EW for more photos and details. Movie 43 is set to release January 25, where most movies go to die. Hopefully this isn't one of them.




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