Move Over 'Beverly Hills Cop' -- Bravo Reveals Plans for a 'Heathers' TV Series

Move Over 'Beverly Hills Cop' -- Bravo Reveals Plans for a 'Heathers' TV Series

Sep 12, 2012

Heathers Ryder and SlaterEarlier this week, our very own Erik Davis took us on a trip down memory lane recalling some of the awful TV shows that came out based on popular ‘80s films, inspired by the news that CBS has ordered a pilot for a new Beverly Hills Cop TV show. Apparently someone at Bravo read that article and concluded that the world needs more TV series based on movies from the Reagan years – so now they’ve unveiled plans for a new show focused on the 1988 cult classic, Heathers. Feel free to start groaning… now.

Bravo, whose best known as the home of reality shows like Top Chef and the absolutely unwatchable Real Housewives franchise is looking to crack the scripted-entertainment market – and what better way to do that than to come up with a show based on a cult film that’s almost 25 years old? How can this go wrong?

The original film found Christian Slater and Winona Ryder doing battle with a clique of popular girls at the local high school. An equal mix of pitch-black humor and horrific violence made the title a hit with disenfranchised high school kids. If you were in high school during that era (and I was…) Heathers was on in the background somewhere at every party you attended.

The series spin-off picks up all these years later with Ryder’s character returning home with her daughter – who must do battle with a new clique, this one named “The Ashleys.”  

The show is being developed by The Big C’s Jenny Bicks. No word on who might land roles in the series, but maybe they can woo Winona Ryder into returning to one of the parts that launched her career.

What say you, readers? Do you have any interest in seeing Heathers presented as a weekly series on the small screen or is this one ‘80s relic that should stay buried in the past? 

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