This Year's Most-Watched Movie Trailer Might Surprise You

This Year's Most-Watched Movie Trailer Might Surprise You

Jul 31, 2014


Expect to see infinite headlines about the Sam Taylor-Johnson remake of E. L. James’ best seller Fifty Shades of Grey until its debut on February 13, 2015. What originally started as Twilight fan fiction (yes, really) eventually sold over 100 million copies worldwide in novel form.

Centered on the BDSM relationship between a featherbrained college grad, Anastasia Steele, and a brooding entrepreneur, Christian Grey, James’ book has been adapted for the big screen. The first trailer for the erotic drama made headlines a week ago. That clip has racked up over 36.4 million YouTube views since then, according to tech firm Zefr (so states the Hollywood Reporter). The website goes on to report that the Fifty Shades trailer had the best opening week for any trailer in 2014. It knocked title holder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles off the top spot (31 million) and runners-up Godzilla and Transformers: Age of Extinction (both at 26.3 million). Dumb and Dumber Too trails behind at 23.5 million.

We suspect this isn’t the first record that Fifty Shades and company will break. If you haven't already, watch the film's first trailer again below.




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