Most Unsurprising News of the Day: Dana Carvey Would Make a 'Wayne's World 3'

Most Unsurprising News of the Day: Dana Carvey Would Make a 'Wayne's World 3'

Jan 23, 2012

It's hard to completely dislike Mike Myers and Dana Carvey's characters Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. There's probably a little bit of the loveable losers and public access television hosts in all of us. Plus, doesn't everybody know somebody still living in their mother's basement listening to Dream On in the dark and living like it's the '90s?
Would a third theatrical adaptation of the popular Saturday Night Live skit be too dated to draw audiences? Dana Carvey doesn't necessarily think so and recently told TMZ that he'd be willing to do a third Wayne's World movie. With the actor having recently appeared in the terrible Jack and Jill, and co-hosting the Live with Kelly show, it's no shocker that he'd be willing to star once more in the only film role that has mattered in his quiet career.
The long-haired duo reunited on SNL last year, with Dana Carvey hosting the show. The nostalgia hammer hit hard and while not all the sketches were entirely successful, there was some fun old school comedy magic happening — particularly between Wayne and Garth (minus the relentless Winter's Bone jokes). We recently reported that Mike Myers had signed on to do a fourth Austin Powers movie, so whatever he's cooking up for number four may find him too busy to entertain another reunion project. Carvey confirmed his pal's hectic schedule. "You're gonna have to ask Mike [Myers] ... he's pretty busy … " he told TMZ. The comedian also joked about the possible dialogue for a new film: "If they want, we can play 'em in their '50s ... 'Wayne! My prostate's enlarged.'" 
Have fans missed the nerdy headbangers so much after a nearly 20 year absence that they'd be willing to slap down their cash for a new movie? Did Wayne's World die in the '90s, along with parachute pants? If they don't bring it back, maybe we can talk about them resurrecting the Wayne's World VCR game, or just VCR games in general. We kind of miss those.

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