Guess Which Marvel Character Is Most Popular Right Now on the Social Web

Guess Which Marvel Character Is Most Popular Right Now on the Social Web

Aug 10, 2012

It's not Iron Man... or Thor, or Captain America. According to this new infographic created by Networked Insights, the most talked-about Marvel character on the social web right now is -- drum roll please -- the Incredible Hulk. The info was collected over the past 30 days to see which Marvel characters were getting the most play in conversations among geeks on the web. It calculated the Top 10 Avengers (Hulk, Thor and Iron Man lead the top three), Top 10 Mutants (Wolverine, Magneto and Northstar lead top three), Top 10 Villains (Loki, Lizard and Venom lead top three) and Top 10 Cosmic Characters (Thanos, Silver Surfer and Nova lead top three).

The chart also goes into specific details regarding why people are talking about Ant-Man, Northstar, Thanos and Star-Lord, as well as where the most social (online) Marvel fans live (New York wins with 27%). Check out the entire chart below. It's only 30 days worth of information -- many of it tied to recent announcements out of Comic-Con and the popularity of The Avengers -- but seeing the Hulk in the lead does make you wonder why Marvel isn't looking to do more with that character other than a potential TV show. 

What do you think of this? Does this mean anything to you, and should Marvel pay closer attention to the characters most popular with online fans?

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