Morning Watch: David Lynch's Trashy PSA, Superhero Hipsters & Neon, 'Tron'-Style Dance Routines

Morning Watch: David Lynch's Trashy PSA, Superhero Hipsters & Neon, 'Tron'-Style Dance Routines

Mar 14, 2012

New York City rats take no prisoners, and neither did David Lynch when he created this macabre, doom-tastic PSA for the metropolis in 1991. DP Frederick Elmes previously worked with the oddball filmmaker on Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, and the duo's style is equally strong here. The clip features a hissing rat, foreboding music, and people carelessly tossing trash all over the city's sidewalks. Unsurprisingly, there's something very 1950s about it — dark, while retaining a slight edge of humor. Check it out below. [via]



We've already become tired of hipsters and the overuse and incorrect use of the word hipster, but now we can officially say we're tired of the parodies of hipsters on top of everything else. This one comes from College Humor. It's good for a chuckle or two, mostly because it involves superheroes as smug bastards chatting about trading their invisible jets for an invisible Prius. Still, we hope the world retires this trend very soon. [via DesignTaxi]



Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra created a Tron-inspired musical with neon dancers galore. Of course, there are glow-suit dancers on American shores as well. Crazed variety show America's Got Talent featured a group called Team illuminate that performed several Tron lookalike numbers — including this one, which pits the dancers in a head to head videogame-style battle. Watch both clips below, and let us know which one you prefer. [via io9]



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