Morning Watch: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' B-Roll Footage

Morning Watch: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' B-Roll Footage

Jun 08, 2012

While the rest of us wait for The Amazing Spider-Man to swing back onto the big screen July 3rd, a great majority of the movies press are sitting down with the filmmakers and cast this weekend to talk about how they made the film. So, in honor of the event -- taking place in New York City as we speak -- we thought it might be fitting to dedicate today's Morning Watch to our web-slinging friend by posting a bunch of behind-the-scenes b-roll footage from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Keep in mind this is straight b-roll footage, and so there's no narrator explaining what's going on and it's not pieced together like one of those pretty little featurettes you see on the DVD or Blu-ray. This is just the raw footage, and while we haven't watched all of it yet, it's still safe to say there might be spoilers included so watch at your own risk. Enjoy. [via CBM]

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