Watch: 'More Than a Game' Takes Viewers Inside the Crazy World of Professional Gaming

Watch: 'More Than a Game' Takes Viewers Inside the Crazy World of Professional Gaming

Jul 16, 2014

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The popularity of Esports (or electronic sports) seems to be growing exponentially by the day – meaning you can finally go back to your mom and tell her all that time spent playing video games is totally going to pay off when you win part of the $10 million purse at this upcoming event.

While a lot of professional gamers these days specialize in various first-person shooters and multiplayer Battle Arena titles (like League of Legends), there’s still a vibrant and active community of pro players who make their bank by kicking your ass at fighting games like Street Fighter. The 2011 documentary More Than a Game takes you inside that world – showing you the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and a lot of screaming young men getting really amped up about stuff happening on giant monitors.


Like quintessential video game documentary The King of Kong, More Than a Game focuses on both the character of the men playing the games and the competition to be the best in the world. Filmmakers Thomas Hewett and Jack Abbott follow professional players as they compete at the Las Vegas EVO Tournament, but it also gives viewers a glimpse inside their personal lives as well.

If that sounds like something that interests you – and if you enjoyed King of Kong, it should – then you’ll be thrilled to know that More Than a Game is currently viewable online for free. Check it out above.

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