More Middle Earth: Animated The Lord of the Rings Gets Remastered

More Middle Earth: Animated The Lord of the Rings Gets Remastered

Jan 06, 2010

Middle Earth fans are going to party like Hobbits this April. Warner Bros. has already announced that Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be released on Blu-ray on April 6. While the studio is going to make fans wait for the extended cuts of the films on BD, it’s still sweetening the pot by announcing that it will also release director Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 animated The Lord of the Rings on the same day on Blu-ray for the first time. This interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic features the voices of John Hurt and William Squire, and is notable for its extensive use of rotoscoping—a technique in which scenes are shot in live action and then animated. This The Lord of the Rings was intended to be shown in two parts, so even though the film was a financial success a sequel was never made and the movie only covers half of Frodo’s quest.

The remastered The Lord of the Rings will be available as a two-disc special edition DVD and as a Blu-ray combo. Both versions will include a digital copy and at least one new featurette, “Forging Through the Darkness: The Ralph Bakshi Vision for The Lord of the Rings.” Add this to your viewing of all the movies and supplements in the live-action The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and you can spend a precious month or so in Middle Earth before you see it all.

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