Monsters Letdown

Monsters Letdown

Jul 09, 2009

Blu-ray Bob is a sucker for 3-D movies but is the first to admit that the newer theatrical movies using glasses with polarized lenses (think Coraline and My Bloody Valentine) don’t look quite the same at home when viewed with anaglyph red-and-blue eyewear. DreamWorks apparently feels the same way and will not be releasing Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D on either DVD or Blu-ray on September 29. “When we started to look at how it would look in the home, we were not satisfied,” says DreamWorks Animation chief Ann Daly, who left the door open for a future 3-D version on Blu-ray when the specifications are finalized and it can be more faithfully replicated. The home versions of Monsters vs. Aliens won’t be completely two dimensional, though. The included new companion short, B.O.B.’s Big Break, will be in 3-D as well as a paddle-ball game on the Blu-ray.

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