The Most Adorable 'Monsters, Inc.' Tattoo You'll See Today

The Most Adorable 'Monsters, Inc.' Tattoo You'll See Today

Aug 20, 2012

On too many occasions we've used this forum to point out all the bizarre, horrific movie-related things people decide to permanently ink on their body, most recently highlighting the dude who put Darth Vader on his face. So it's refreshing when we get to point out the fun tats, like this one from our buddy and occasional contributor Scott Neumyer, who decided to dedicate an entire section of his body to his daughter and the important moments they share together.

First, here's the fantastic Monsters, Inc. tattoo Scott had done late last week.

And here's what he told us about it: "Well, I started with Sully and Boo because Monster's Inc. was really the first movie I got Skylar to sit all the way through and watch with me. Sully and Boo kind of epitomizes the father-daughter relationship and I thought it was the perfect reminder of my daughter at this age that she's quickly growing out of."

Those interested, the tattoo artist on this was Michele Haspel from Fat Kat Tattoo in Keyport, NJ.


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