Mondo Poster Giveaway: Drafthouse Film's Superbly Creepy 'Borgman'

Mondo Poster Giveaway: Drafthouse Film's Superbly Creepy 'Borgman'

Jun 18, 2014


Normally we wouldn't strongly urge that everyone watch the opening scene of a movie online - after all, if you're going to see the movie, just wait and watch the whole thing. But the reason we urge you to watch the below clip is because you've probably never even heard of Borgman. All too often this is the case with small, foreign films when they hit U.S. theaters. But trust us, after watching the first five minutes of Drafthouse Films' latest release, you are going to want to see Borgman (in theaters now) as soon as possible.

To further get you in the mood for this thriller about an odd man who enters the lives of a rich family, we've got a copy of the movie's stunning Mondo poster (created by artist Jay Shaw) to give away. It's a beautiful piece of work that expertly teases how this movie gets inside the mind of its titular character. And, again, once you see the below clip, you are absolutely going to want to enter his mind.

Simply put, the opening of Borgman is one of the most intriguing character introductions we've seen in quite some time.

To win a copy of the Borgman Mondo poster, just leave a comment on this post by June 25, 2014. We will contact the randomly selected winner (continental U.S. addresses only, please) for their mailing info, so please do not post that publicly.

Good luck, and if Borgman is playing anywhere near you (click here for a list of theaters as it expands around the country), we highly recommend you go check it out.





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